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The company has not updated its software of hardware or software in 7 years. The company is expanding and desperately needs updating. As the company s getting bigger, problems have raised within the organisation. The company will struggle if it keeps the current software/hardware and continues to expand.

In this report I will discuss issues regarding software and hardware and I will give my recommendations. This Report will be submitted on 24 October 2011


2.1 The project was discussed and explained by Linda White on 3 October 2011.

2.2 A deadline date was agreed for 24 October 2011.

2.3 I looked up lots of hardware and software on the
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The computer has an Intel 2 processor which controls and runs the computer; this is now outdated and will need updated. If this is not updated new software may not run properly or at all. If this is updated, the computer will run faster and solve many problems for staff.

3.5 The computer has a 14 inch screen which is quite small and staff may have to squint to see the screen which could result in staff feeling unwell and being sent home and less work being done, a larger screen would prevent staff from not attending work and therefore more work would be done. Larger screens would also be better for video conferencing.

3.6 The e-mail and internet system in use is basic and doesn’t do very much. This could cause problems as staff would have many usernames and passwords to remember, a new email system would prevent this. A newer internet system would be beneficial to staff as add-ons and extensions could make work easier and faster.

3.7 Each member of senior staff and administrators have a printer, this costs a lot of money. The more printers you have the more it costs if they break. One printer is sufficient in the office.

3.8 Old anti-virus software is being used. Hackers have now learned how to hack older versions and if they do not upgrade the whole computer may break and all data may be lost.


The company has rapidly increased its number of outlet premises and staff. The company needs to upgrade soon. The

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