Essay Office Department Of The Delaware State Police Department

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Office Brietzke has been in some kind of law enforcement ever since he graduated from college in 1995. Prior to entering the Delaware State Police, Officer Brietzke worked with the Chatham Police Department in Massachusetts, the United States Border Patrol, and the Department of Veteran Affairs Police Department. He started with the Delaware State Police in July of 2002.
According to Officer Brietzke, the Delaware State Police follows a militaristic ranking structure starting with Trooper being the first rank an officer receives moving upward to Trooper First Class, Corporal, Corporal Grade One, Senior Corporal, Master Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, and finally the top rank of Colonel. Under the rank structure, there are at least thirty-eight different units that Troopers can work in, such as: Training/Academy, Firearms, Canine, State Bureau of Identification, Community Service, Gaming Enforcement, Drug Unit, Criminal Investigation Unit, Polygraph Examiner, etc. Currently, Officer Brietzke is assigned to Troop 2 in the Criminal Investigative Unit as a School Resource Officer at the alternative placement Wallace Wallin School in New Castle, Delaware. He started with the Delaware State Police as a road Trooper at Troop 1 for his first three months of duty after graduating the academy. After completing field training, Officer Brietzke was re-assigned to Troop 6. During his time in Troop 6, he was assigned to specifically work on…

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