Of Stereotyping In Junot Diaz's 'How To Date A Brown Girl'

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In Stereotyping: The Politics of Representation, Pickering suggest that individuals stereotype “as a way of imposing a sense of order on the social world in the same way as categories, but with the crucial difference that stereotyping attempts to deny any flexible thinking with categories” (3). By individuals stereotyping groups, they reinforce the structure of power, readjust social standing when feeling threatened, and gain a sense of comfort as they are making themselves appear superior. The concept of stereotyping is a gain for the individual stereotyping and a loss for the group in which they are stereotyping “for they are then fixed into a marginal position or subordinate status and judged accordingly, regardless of the inaccuracies …show more content…
He began preparing for the date by removing various symbols of his culture from his house, believing that girls will only like him if he hides his origin and pretends to be someone else. The narrator feels stereotyped for his cultural upbringing and in order to counteract the consequences of these judgments, he demonstrates racism and sexism towards his dates. This relates to the goal of inclusive practices as he is using the identification of their race, as well as them being female, to influence how he interacts with them. He compares the different races to give insight on how to act and what to expect, exchanging interactions with various communities. He is also attempting to hide his family’s own culture and take on another identity that he perceives as superior to his own. He does this because he believes that it will improve the interaction with the girl and change the outcome of the date. This reading exemplifies how important it is to embrace your true identity and also be accepting of others, both concepts that are learned and strengthened through the coming of age in college. He presents how individuals should be respectful, treating others the way that you want to be treated. In order to actively do this, it takes a great deal of maturity as you have to think about others and not think

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