Essay on Of Mice and Men: Why George killed Lennie the Explanation

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Ian Herren
Mr. Bell
English 1: Hour 4
Did George need to kill Lennie? The Explanation There are some bad things in the world that we have to take action with; like dangerous dogs or bad people. Those things can be taken care of easily by either killing it or holding it in a secluded place. Now back when the story is being told, there weren’t many places to put people in, so they were sometimes executed. George had to do this with Lennie in chapter 6. Yet did he do this on purpose? So George killed Lennie because of him getting in too much trouble and people wanting to hurt him.
Lennie always gets in a lot of trouble in many different ways. In the story, the first thing he gets in trouble for is in Weed. “Well, he seen this
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Candy was disappointed that he wouldn’t get to work at a little vegetable patch and live off the land. Other people wanted to hurt Lennie, yet only to help Curley. For this, Lennie has put himself in a pickle.
Most people say that it wasn’t right to shoot Lennie, though. Most people say that it wasn’t right because of the reason that George was tired of Lennie doing stupid stuff. “George?” Yeah, what ya want.” Where we goin’, George?” (Steinbeck 4). Lennie is like a child, he needs to be taken care of. George is somewhat tired of him forgetting once and a while and getting into trouble, but ultimately he grew attached to him. That is why he was hesitating to shoot him at the end. “George, you want I should go away and leave you alone.” (Steinbeck 12). Lennie couldn’t take care of himself out there in the world alone. That is why George stayed with him the whole way, because he cared about Lennie and his safety. Therefore, George really didn’t want to hurt him and why he sticks with him: even if he was an annoyance to him.
George killed Lennie because of his getting in too much trouble and people wanting to hurt him. George only cared about Lennie’s safety and that no one, including himself, would ever mess with him again. He thought and cared for him like family. They would have gone through anything together. But that didn’t look like it would ever happen. Therefore he ended up having to kill

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