Of Mice And Men ' The Green Mile Essay

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Stage 1 English Literature
Comparative Essay
‘Of Mice and Men’ ‘The Green Mile’
The patriarchal depiction of women is similarly prevalent within John Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice and Men’ and Frank Darabont’s ‘The Green Mile’, in accordance with the constricting societal ideologies of the 1930’s. The progressive feminist movement that preceded the 1930’s seemingly diminished within the Great Depression, prompting the renewal of regressive misogynistic principles, illustrated within both texts. ‘The Green Mile’s’ Elaine, and ‘Of Mice and Men’s’ Curley’s wife explore contrasting depictions of married women, yet are comparable regarding Steinbeck’s and Darabont’s interpretation of possessions. The presence of women within ‘The Green Mile’ is restricted to domestic figures; homemakers, mothers and wives whereas ‘Of Mice and Men’ is limited to Curley’s wife and the occasional mention of women regarding deceased relatives, maternal figures and prostitutes. The lacking representation of women is profoundly limited, both texts contain minimal female characters and are restrictive with their descriptions.
The portrayal of women within ‘Of Mice and Men’ and ‘The Green Mile’ directly correlate with society’s patriarchal moralities endorsed in the 1930’s. The feminist fervour that preceded the Great Depression facilitated the ratification of the 19th Amendment, sanctioning the American woman’s right to vote ( (National Archives , n.d.). Despite the attainment of suffrage, the Great…

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