Of Mice And Men Shattered Dreams

Did you know that shattered dreams are experienced by more than half of the world? These dreams are important because it explains what someone wants to achieve, and sadly, most people do not reach their dreams. This novel is called Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and it is about two men who are working towards their dream and at the place they are working at, they encounter several characters that have dreams too. In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, George and Curley’s wife experience shattered dreams in the way that they are never achieved.

In this novel, John Steinbeck shows the dreams of George and Curley’s wife and how determined they are to reach it. Lennie, George’s friend, is an adult with a mental disorder, and when
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In the story, Lennie accidentally killed Curley’s wife. First, this causes George to have to kill Lennie because Curley would have anyway. Second, this shatters George’s dream because Lennie gave George hope that they would achieve their dream and George mentions that he “knowed from the beginning we’d never do her” (Steinbeck 92) meaning that he knew they would never achieve their dream. The American Dream is very difficult to achieve and when there are obstacles in the way, it makes it even harder. Lennie causes too much trouble for George to be able to achieve anything. That is why George knew that he would never achieve their dream. Curley’s wife never reaches her dream because she never got a letter that she was supposed to get from someone she met who said they were gonna put her in the movies. Curley’s wife mentions that she thinks her “ol’ lady stole it” (Steinbeck 86). Curley’s wife ended up marrying Curley because she did not want to stay in a place where she couldn’t “make something of herself” (Steinbeck 86). When someone has something that you don’t, you start to get jealous. Jealousy causes you to get rid of opportunities others have that you don’t. Curley’s wife’s mom gets of her daughter’s opportunity to be in the movies by throwing away the letter because she never had that opportunity before. To conclude, John Steinbeck shows how hard it is to achieve the American Dream by

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