Of Mice And Men Hope Analysis

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Have you ever lost all hope or seen anyone who was like that? This is about those who refused to lose all hope no matter what happened. Hopes, dreams, and goals allow people to come together and help one another achieve their goals. This is represented in Of Mice and Men by how George is always going out of his way to help Lenny, then by how Candy offered help and $350 towards them getting the farm. In War Dance they all came together to win the dancing competition. Finally in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty everyone he met was helping him in some way.
In Of Mice and Men George is always helping Lenny but he does not have hope for their goal of starting their own farm and “Living off the fatta the lan’,” until they get offered $350 by candy so that he could have a share of it. After they get the offer George starts formulating a plan.Shortly after getting the offer from Candy george starts thinking and formulates a plan, “George spat on the floor disgustedly. ‘We got ten bucks between us.’ Then he said thoughtfully, ‘Look, if me an' Lennie work a month an' don't spen' nothing, we'll have a hunderd bucks. That'd be four fifty. I bet we could swing her for that. Then you an' Lennie could go get her started an' I'd get a job an' make up the res', an' you could
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Like when he was on the boat and they both had to go to iceland. In a critique of the secret life of Walter Mitty, called The “Secret of Life by Walter Mitty,” written by Moses Mo it said “From ‘Tuesday to Thursday,’ he cut his hair got a job and shrank into a shadow of his true self.” He got a lot of help on his journey, but this does not by any means go to show that he cannot help others, his mother is entirely dependent on him, and his sister needs his financial help because she is always helping their mother.there are many kinds of hopes dreams and goals but in the end they are all the same in one way or

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