Of Mice And Men Perspective Analysis

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True Perspective True understanding is earned after a true bond is formed and it changes your perspective to only see love unlike a stranger who only views hate. Throughout the novel this concept is manifest; not only in George and Lennie's long friendship but in every character we are introduced to. The theme revolves around the fact knowing a man well will never lead to hate and the closer you are the harder it is to judge upon them with anything else but love. Closeness impacts how we see someone and makes it extremely difficult to hate actions that would come off differently to a stranger. Bonds create a sort of blindness for the negative and when we make one we are cut off from the reality that a not as close friendship would contain and this is highlighted multiple times in the plot in Of Mice and Men.
First of all, we learn this theme was present from the beginning of the novel when we hear of how George and Lennie lost their first job and were forced to flee together. Ever since the start of their
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This is murder and to anyone but a friend would be labeled as so but with George and Slim being close friends they now have the same true understanding with each other as he and Lennie did. All the other men want the nasty details while Slim understands how hard this was for George and most significantly he accepts George did what he had to do. He comforts George and pulls him away from all the questions and offers to go get a drink with him. Right until the final moments of the novel the theme carries on. George killed Lennie and Slim knows there's more to his death then murder, he knows there was love. Everyone else is confused and wonders what's up with the two because their perspective isn’t the same and they don’t seem to get what really happened. The other men got to know George but not enough for a true bond to be formed so that part of the understanding wasn’t there in

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