Of Mice And Men By Lennie And George Essay

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In the story ‘Of Mice and Men’, Lennie and George’s relationship is a big example of the theme loyalty and friendship. Sometimes people will betray their friends to escape from get into the trouble. However, George didn’t do that to Lennie. He decided to work and achieve their American Dream together. That loyalty and friendship between George and Lennie is extremely precious.
First of all, Lennie couldn’t think and live the same way as the others because of his mental disability, such as he can’t speak fluently and think wisely. Nobody would take care of Lennie except George. Although George said “Course Lennie’s a God damn nuisance most of the time”, George still stayed with Lennie. It is because he felt he is special when he is working with Lennie. Before he met Lennie, George was a lonely man in the world. He faced the Great Depression in 1929 and he was in unemployment. However, Lennie gave him a hope to achieve their American Dream, having their own ranch. Therefore, George treats Lennie as his friend and partner to achieve their dream. In the story “Of Mice and Men”, the first step to fulfill their dream is to earn money. Then they decided to go to the ranch in Northern California and find a job there. Even thought Lennie is stupid, George didn’t decide to leave him. For example, George told Lennie “If you get into trouble, Stable Buck!”. Meanwhile, Lennie always listens to and follows George’s order. It shows their friendship is very concrete and they are loyal…

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