Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck Essay example

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Of Mice and Men
In Of Mice and Men the american dream is just a dream in their heads full of hope and happiness but still knowing that it doesn 't always come true and the obstacles that they face can be to high to overcome. The expectations that come with The American Dream is, owning your own house or property who you wish to grow old knowing that the house it taking care of by the future generation. Choosing your own rules to follow and working whenever you want despite the day it is you can choose when you want to work and when. Starting a family is one of the most important parts of The American Dream because they want that some day their future generation will take over the land and the house. The American Dream is also being able to live of the fat of the land like it is mentioned in Of Mice and Men. In Steinbeck 's novel Of Mice and Men each person has their own American Dream that hope some day it will come true but also know that it can sometimes be impossible.
The American Dream starts out with big hopes and dream but as life is slowly developing that dream is slowly dying. Not everyone can conquer that American Dream the obstacles that life puts into place can be bigger than what you handle. In Mice and Men The American Dream is owning your own land where you can build the house that you would like. With that land you hope that some day when you get older and no longer can tend the land you hope that your future generation take over the land and love it the…

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