Essay on Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

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He’s a tall strong man that can kill a woman with 1 hand in a heartbeat. The only problem is he’s mentally challenged. In the book Of Mice and Men Lennie Smalls is as strong as an ox and works like a dog. Nothing gets in his way except for the fact that he is mentally challenged. His best friend George treats him special and looks down on him because he has to take care of him like a child. In the book he repeatedly states “if I was alone I could live so easy.” This just goes to show that even tho their best friends he sometimes doesn’t want him. People with differences in the 1930 's were generally not accepted because they were not "normal."
In John Steinbeck 's novella Of Mice and Men (set in the 1930’sin Salinas Valley, California) we meet the static character Lennie Smalls and his best friend george. While it is obvious to the reader that Lennie has a mental disability because of his actions, it is not directly stated. However when George said "I don 't know where there is no other mouse. I remember a lady used to give ' em to me- ever 'one she got. But that lady ain 't here." George scoffed. "Lady, huh? Don 't even remember who that lady was. That was your own Aunt Clara.” said George. This just goes to show that Lennie is a grown adult in a child 's mindset that can’t remember prominent things. One time he couldn 't remember prominent things is when he couldn’t remember if he had his work card when George had it the whole time. Another example is that Lennie is…

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