Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck Essay

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Of mice and men was written by John Steinbeck in the 1930s. This is also the time where the book was set. It was set in the wild west of the USA during the lawless time. If you did not have money, fame or you were not a from the European race life was hard for you. It
Of Mice and Men -coursework reflects upon the lives of people just after the wall street collapse in USA. The story is told from the point of view of a third person. Steinbeck uses many different themes to get his message across. I will be looking at the theme dreams and plans. I will be examining how every character uses this to either motivate themselves or someone else.

George uses dreams and plans to motivate Lennie. As we know Lennie is not very bright so he needs something to look forward to. One of their dreams was to "live outa the fatta of the land". This was something that Lennie really wanted because he liked to tend soft things and George had promised that he would get to ten the rabbits. Lennie enjoys when George tells this story. Even though Lennie knows it just as well as George he still wants George to tell the story: "An ' live off the fatta the lan '," Lennie shouted. "An ' have rabbits. Go on, George! Tell about what we 're gonna have in the garden and about the rabbits in the cages and about the rain in the winter and the stove, and how thick the cream is on the milk like you can hardly cut it. Tell about that George." As we can see talking about this gets Lennie very exited and it gives…

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