Of Mice And Men And An Inspector Calls Essay

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Explore the ways relationships are presented in “Of Mice and Men” and “An Inspector Calls”

Society is not perfect, it never was. So it is not in any way surprising that many people would try to rectify these mistakes, and improve their society. John Steinbeck and J. B. Priestley wanted to just that. They produced works that show the effects of these mistakes if they are not rectified, in hope of raising awareness about society 's own impurities. Two of these works are "Of Mice and Men" and "An Inspector Calls", by John Steinbeck and J. B. Priestley respectively. "Of Mice and Men" is a novella that follows two itinerant workers that follow a dream as they start working in a ranch, and puts George at a dead end after Lennie puts himself in trouble once more. "An Inspector Calls" is a play that shows the Birling family, and their soon-to-be family member Gerald Croft, as they find themselves all involved in the of the young Eva Smith, then shows their reactions after Gerald reveals to the Birlings that both Eva Smith and the inspector who interrogated them, to be an "elaborate hoax", as he calls it. Both John Steinbeck and J. B. Priestley may have used different mediums, but they have addressed the same issues, using the same mediums. One of these mediums are relationships.
In both works, only one marriage is respectively shown; that of Curley and his nameless wife, and Arthur and Sybil Birling. Even at first glance, the most apparent difference is that Curley 's wife does…

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