Curley's Wife Analysis Essay

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Curley’s wife is characterized in a very interesting way. Someone is characterized by their actions, words and how the author shapes them as a person. No one knows her real name, nor is she designed to be a likeable character. She is the only woman living on the ranch and the men often called her names like “tart” or “tramp.” This is mostly due to the fact that she is pretty and knows it, wearing lots of makeup and over the top heels with ostrich feathers. She takes great pride in her appearance and showing off to Lennie lead to her death. Curley’s wife is someone who was isolated from the workers on the ranch, as none of them want her around. They believe that she should stay in her house and not talk to other men besides Curley, whose …show more content…
She shows us that people aren’t always what they seem. Sure, she may be a show off that has her eyes on men other that her husband, but that doesn’t mean that she isn't human. In chapter five of this novella readers discover the truth about her past, that she was actually a dreamer that had faced rejection and decided to flee from that reality. This is why an image of one person pushing another off of a cliff to was included to symbolize how she believed her mother had betrayed her. However, she is quite narrow-minded about the matter, it doesn’t change the fact that her life did not go as she wished, and for once she is relatable to the other characters. This is due to the fact that the whole book was primarily based on the idea of plans going astray and at this point in the story that her purpose emerges. She surprised readers with her confession to Lennie and then she jumps back into showing off, which seemed to be what she was best at, and that lead to her demise. Although one may believe that she had gotten what she deserved in the second to last chapter, most of the accusations made against her had been proven false. Throughout the book none of the workers on the ranch bothered to call her by her real name and referred to her by offensive labels instead. They made hurtful accusations about her, and tried to imply that she was less of a person because she was a

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