Oedipus The King Of Oedipus Essay

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The famous Greek play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles portrays the unfortunate life of the King of Thebes, Oedipus. Oedipus has spent his whole life running from a prophecy- a prophecy that states he will one day kill his father and marry his mother. The more the cursed prince tries to escape his fate, the more trapped he becomes by it, and he is completely ignorant of this fact. He condemns himself with curses, throws accusations to those closest to him, and generally makes poor decisions. However, while all of these actions certainly have an impact on Oedipus’ story, fate is the main driving factor. Fate guides the story as Oedipus stumbles through it, and although his fate presents itself to him numerous times, Oedipus is too blind to see what’s directly in front of him. The play shows the danger of ignorance and the value of the truth- the ideal that Oedipus chases but refuses to acknowledge. Fate makes the story, and Oedipus’ ignorance makes his downfall.
Fate first makes its entrance at the start of the play, as the prophet Tiresias approaches Oedipus for the first time with the truth. When Tiresias tells Oedipus he is the cause of the plague on Thebes, Oedipus becomes angry and shouts out a curse, “ Truth is not in you—/ for your ears, your mind, your eyes are blind!” which comes back to him in the end as he stabs out his own eyes in punishment for his own blindness. Although Oedipus is blind to his own story, the truth is real whether you believe in it or not, and his…

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