Oedipus, The King Of Oedipus Essay

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Oedipus Rex by Sophocles is a work heavily focused on justice. Oedipus, as the king of Thebes, discovers that the only way he can save his beloved city and its people from a rampant plague is to seek and accordingly punish his predecessor’s killer. Oedipus is determined to find justice for the city by harshly punishing the murderer, which he is successful in, but he in turn is penalized with harsh and irreversible consequences. The most pronounce theme in the play is that human beings are relatively powerless before fate and the gods. Although Oedipus tries his entire life to do what is right, by running away from home to save his adopted parents, killing the sphinx, and chasing a murderer, he ultimately faces a horrible end caused by his own horrific, yet unknowingly performed, actions. Finding Laius 's killer and punishing them severely for their transgression, on the surface, is the justice Oedipus seeks for his people, however his lifelong crusade for justice has been against evil itself. Obviously, Oedipus wants to take down the mysterious traveler who killed Laius so Thebes can “be rid of evil” and the plague that haunts it. He even makes an oath to the gods that he will bring this slayer, even if it is himself, to justice which highlights Oedipus’s sincerity because he would not make such an oath lightly because he is dedicated to his gods, as demonstrated by his lifelong faith in what oracles, the servants of the gods, foresee. He apparently is so set on saving his…

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