Oedipus The King: Comparing The Movie And The Book

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The book is more awesome than the movie. There is three good reason show that the book is more awesome than the movie, it is the book more cool detail than the movie. However the book has a lot of character. Also the movie wasn’t good than the book.
The book more detail than the movie. I like the way how the book say about the knight of Round Table. Arthur book talk about a lot of knight life, knight love and more. There is the thing that make the book fabulous is the evil and the magic! The evil and the magic make the book attractive. The evil of the book have a lot bad thing of human character like murdering, stealing, lying and more. We have Merlin, the wizard that help Arthur and a lot of people. He is a good person, so the Arthur book have the good and the evil fight. The book also say the thing that did he do something when I die. He said his knight to throw his magical
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In evil side, we have Queen Morgan Le Fay, and the good side, we have a lot of knight and specially, we have Merlin, the great wizard. So that why we have more character to make the book more awesome. Morgan Le Fay is the evil queen who try to murder king Arthur. She tried to steel the great Excalibur sword. She is a two face queen, when she meet Arthur, she pretend to be a nice queen but her real face is evil face. The did not only talk about Arthur, they also talk the knight of round table. Merlin is the great wizard who help Arthur to be a great king, not only Arthur, he helped a lot of people.
The movie is normal because the movie have no good information about king Arthur to let people know about him. When I watched the movie, I wonder what will happen when Arthur be the king. I want to know a lot about is knight and his kingdom. And the important thing that I want to know a lot is how did he die, did he say something when die? But the movie has a lot of part that I like and didn’t make people feel boring is the fighting part, it is so

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