Oedipus the King Character Analysis Essay

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Latisha Chateman Professor: Dr. Lancaster ENG230 11/25/2010 Oedipus the King Character Analysis
Oedipus the King had accomplished many great things during his reign of Thebes and in his life time. Oedipus found out during his reign in Thebes that the Gods who loved him also knew his devastating fate. As a young man when Oedipus answered the riddle the Sphinx he soon found his self having everything want and need. He earned his spot as the new King of Thebes, he had a great wife and lovely set of children and last but not least a widely known name and fame that traveled way throughout the lands. Oedipus life was wonderful until the plague hit Thebes and there forth the cookie crumbled. “The point
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As the story Introduces Oedipus he is very calm trying to find out who killed the previous King of Thebes which was Laius who we know as readers is Oedipus father. “What we see instead of desires to kill one's father and marry one's mother are the twin facts of killing and marrying. Desire may or may not be there, but the deeds were done. Killing one's father, the head of the oikos, is a most serious crime in Athens.” (N.S. Gill)
Being the reader we are already familiar about the man who did really great things. Oedipus finds out from Creon who is his brother in law that he sent to Delphi for information, that Apollo was the God who put the plague the Thebes until they “Drives the corruption frame the land, don’t harbor it any longer, past all cure, don’t nurse it in your soil-root it out!”-( Oedipus The King pg:576, line: 107-111)Oedipus says this as an oath before the chorus and the priest that the murder would be found and banished from the land. During this is one of the time you can really feel Oedipus anger rising. Oedipus decline from his status is not really an accident but a fate he could not really prevent. This is why I believe Oedipus deserved sympathy. Oedipus has a lot of character traits like anger, haste and truthfulness are really shown during his down fall as a man who knows nothing but later realizes he is the cause of the plague on Thebes by the end of the play. While the onion layer of the harmartia

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