Oedipus The King By William Shakespeare Essay

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In the beginning people are dying because of a plague. Throughout the city there is death battening it and everyone in it.
Carson tells Oedipus that the gods are commanding them to leave Thebes. He also tells him that he [Oedipus] has to find the murderer of the once King, Laïos if he wants to save Thebes.
According to Creon, a band of highwaymen attacked King Laïos and his men. The reason King Laïos had been out was to make a pilgrimage.
Oedipus decides that he is going to set out to find the King 's murderer and avenge Laïos. Oedipus also had called upon other men who might have information on where to find him.
Teiresias is one of Apollo 's prophets, who also happened to be blind. Oedipus called upon him to receive help on discovering the murderer.
Teiresias had accused Oedipus, to his face, that he was the one to have killed King Laïos. Other rumors led to believe that highwaymen and thieves had attacked the King and his men.
Creon is upset with Oedipus because Oedipus put blame on Creon for framing him for the murder of King Laïos. Oedipus also tries to accuse Creon for an act of treason.
Creon doesn 't really want to have to worry about becoming King and taking up the responsibilities. He believes Oedipus is more suitable for being King.
Oedipus accuses Creon that he was the one who payed the prophet to lie about being the real murderer. Oedipus wants to punish Creon with death.
Laïos was supposed to be killed by his son according to the Oracle. This was…

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