Oedipus The King And Prince Hamlet Essay

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Aristotle describes the word ‘tragedy’ as the fall of a character from a position of height. This fall can derive from a tragic flaw, which is typically an admirable characteristic that becomes so destructive it turns an individual into their own nemesis. A tragic flaw can either be tangible or intangible, but regardless it can bring someone to a very low point in his/her life. Two prime examples of this would be Oedipus the King and Prince Hamlet. Oedipus the King is an egotistical man dedicated to his people (and himself) with an excessive amount of pride. He embarks on a quest to discover who killed the King before him, but turns out it was Oedipus himself. Hamlet is an honorable prince who lives in a world stuck between black and white. His father was killed so he is searching for a right way to handle the situation, but never actually finds answers that he is seeking. These two tragic heroes started at the top of their social class, but then fell to the bottom because of their own tragic flaws.
Dedication and loyalty, these are two highly admirable qualities. Both Oedipus and Hamlet showcase these characteristics at the beginning of the play. These qualities reveal the genuinely good nature of the two men. They were determined to find the truth whether it be to remain loyal to their people, their fathers, or even themselves. However, these qualities turned into tragic flaws because Oedipus and Hamlet allowed the determination to overrule their thoughts and actions…

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