Oedipus Rex : Downfall Of A King Essay

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Oedipus Rex: Downfall of a King For Greek tragedies, a hero experiences his or her downfall due to a strong characteristic they have; these characteristics vary, with some heroes plagued by an undeterred determination while others ignore opposing ideals in an attempt to remain powerful. In the end however, all Greek tragic heroes suffer a punishment and a peripeteia for their tragic flaw. Oedipus, from the tragic Greek play by Sophocles, Oedipus Rex, suffers his own peripeteia and downfall due to his excessive pride; because of his hubris, Oedipus fulfills the forsaken prophesy that Apollo foretold, refuses to acknowledge the truth until the evidence was overwhelming, and mocks the Greek Gods, thus leading to his punishment (the suicide of Jocasta and self-removal of his own eyes) and a reversal of fortune (peripeteia). By indulging his own hubris, Oedipus wrathfully murders King Laios, and marries his own mother thus satisfying Apollo’s prophesy about Oedipus. Oedipus proves this when out of his rage and wounded pride, he, “killed him…killed them all.” (Lines 288-289) after Laios ordered Oedipus to move aside for his carriage. Instead of using reason and logic to make a decision, Oedipus gives into his wounded pride and strikes the entire envoy down out of anger. Had Oedipus thought about the situation as a whole or not give into his pride, he could have completely avoided the prophesy and his upcoming punishment. From his own prideful act, Oedipus fulfilled the first…

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