Oedipus Rex, By Sophocles Essay example

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In Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, Sophocles explores the idea of “the monster” in a person. This “monster” can develop from many different things, and in Oedipus’ case, it develops from a past family curse. Besides his fate being cursed, Oedipus is not exactly the best guy to be around. He is arrogant, powerful, and most of all, a murderer. Throughout the text, we get clues of where Oedipus’ monstrous demeanor comes from, but we are never actually given a true reason. Because of the time this play was written and considering the audience of the time, Oedipus seems to have a predetermined fate from the same gods that cursed his family’s great history and future. Oedipus’ fate is a large factor when considering what ended up happening, but Oedipus Rex also explores the possibility of Oedipus’ wrongful acts throughout his life that led to his downfall. One of the reasons for the monstrous in Oedipus is the fate given to him and his family by the gods. The first time the curse on the family and city is ever brought up is on page two when the Priest says “He, the God with spear of fire, Leaps on the city, a cruel pestilence, And harries it; whereby the Cadmean home Is all dispeopled, and with groan and wail The blackness of the Grave made opulent.” The city and the Cadmean family have been cursed because of a past action by Cadmus. This curse manifests itself in Oedipus throughout the entire story, but it really shows at certain points when we can see the monster come out in…

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