Oedipus Rex By Sophocles : The Theme Of Fate Essay

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This literary study will critically analyze the theme of fate in Oedipus Rex by Sophocles. The theme of fate in Oedipus Rex is defined through The Oracle’s declaration that Oedipus has had sexual intercourse with his mother and murdered his father. The royal court’s seer, Teiresias, informs Oedipus of the oracle’s findings, which the raging king adamantly refuses to accept as fact. In this case, Oedipus losses all of his wisdom and good judgment, since he has no prior knowledge of actually committing such acts. However, Oedipus had unknowingly slept with his mother and killed his father, which becomes known at the end of the plot. Oedipus fights with a grim determination to counter the validity of The Oracle, but he has been fated to fall from grace due to these criminal acts against his parents. Ultimately, the god Apollo had predicted Oedipus’ fate, which defines the limitations of mortal men in this play. Tragically, Oedipus has become a victim of fate no matter how many heroic deeds he has achieved as the King of Thebes. In essence, a critical analysis of the theme of fate will be examined in Oedipus Rex by Sophocles. At the beginning of Oedipus Rex, the main character, Oedipus, is known as the savior of Thebes in his valiant battle with The Sphinx and other heroic acts. Oedipus is now a great and well-respected king, but fate has defined a different role for this heroic figure in terms of his current status as a morally justified leader. In the royal court, Teiresias…

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