Oedipus Rex And The Last Play Essay

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A true ruler is a partner and an ally of the people. The title of an effective leader is only rewarded when an effort is shown to communicate and negotiate with the people. A leader must take into consideration the outward suggestions of his rule to govern a place in a way that is beneficial to its residents. In Sophocles’ play Antigone, which is a continuation of Oedipus Rex and the last play in the Oedipus Cycle, this standard is ignored. In the play, the current king of Thebes, by default is Creon. This supposed righteous king is the source of the problems that arise in his country, mainly because he displays ignorance to the Thebans. His shortly fused temper and defensive nature prove to get the best of him. Additionally, he is a selfish ruler who is certain that the city belongs solely to him. Hubris, a flaw that is prevalent in many Greek tragedies, is a barrier, withholding the citizens from partaking in important decisions regarding Thebes, as he is certain that ruling is his honor alone.
Many instances throughout the play are recurrent in which Creon reveals that he is not of sound mind and blatantly not fit to rule Thebes. Often, his reactions to disagreement and crisis are over the top and fueled by anger instead of an effort to reason with opposing forces or resolve urgent matters. When delivered news of anarchy, he does not attempt to get down to the root of corruption, yet is distracted an overwhelming desire to punish those who disobey him. This characteristic…

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