Oedipus Freud Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Her mother saw that her daughter was developing into a beautiful and younger competitor and favored her sons over her daughter. She kept her daughter's independence limited as much as possible, and paid close attention to her daughter's relationship with her husband. Meanwhile the girl was feeling a resurgence of the female Oedipus complex, and not only wanted a male child, but one of her father and in his image. At the height of this a male child was born to her father, but not from her: from her mother. Feeling spurned and bitter she turned her back on her father and his sex all together. Freud compared this to the common action of men who have been hurt badly for the first time by the women they love, resulting in their later misogynistic tendencies.
All of this could have many different results for the girl, but the most extreme manifested: "She changed into a man and took her mother in place of her father as her love object". This also helped her
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He suggested that if the girl's parents wanted to continue this treatment it should be from a female psychoanalysist. He was correct in this conclusion because by then it was painfully obvious that the girl would not open up to a male nearly as much as she would to a female. Freud was making progress in his diagnosis, but not in actually treating the girl (he knew the chances of that were slim from the beginning), which is what her parents had come to him for. Of course her parents (or at least her father) would most likely think that this was a bad idea. It's likely (especially knowing what we know about psychology today) that the girl would have turned her affections on the woman analyzing

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