Essay about Odysseus : The Static Hero

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Odysseus: The Static Hero For most interesting stories, the main character is flawed and goes experiences many changes throughout the story. These characters learn about themselves and change accordingly. However, Odysseus, from The Odyssey does not share these same qualities. Throughout the story, Odysseus understands some of his flaws and is cunning enough to overcome them, but he does not bother to try and change his weaknesses into a feasible defense and does not change as a character overall. He has repeatedly been cunning with too much arrogance and likes to follow his worldly desires more than a reunion with his wife and family. Within The Odyssey, Odysseus was already known to be a hero of the Trojan War. From Sparta 's king and queen, Menelaus and Helen, we are able to learn of his cunning tactics in Troy. "In the land of Troy... he beat himself up-gave himself some nasty bruises- then put on a cheap cloak so he looked like a slave, and in this disguise he entered the wide streets of the enemy city" (ll. 260-265). As his plan had worked and they were able to successfully infiltrate the city with his disguise, the Greek had been able to slaughter the Trojans. It shows the proof that he is able to understand and account for what the other side is thinking and plan to escape the situation with his people on the winning side. Another tale of his cunning would be his bout with Polyphemus. He is captured and about to be eaten, but he cleverly planned an escape route by…

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