Obstacles In Odysseus's Journey

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Look around you. Many people are going through different journeys throughout their lives. It can be big or small, but they are still going through many things with many obstacles that are set up in their way.
Throughout the journey Odysseus had many obstacles to face which were caused by Gods. The God who set obstacles in his way throughout his 10 year journey was Poseidon, but it was only because of Odysseus’ actions. Odysseus had just left Kalypso island with his hand made boat to sail for home, but was thrown a curve by a God. The god of the sea, Poseidon, had thrown a great storm at Odysseus while he was in the ocean trying to sail home. The storm steered Odysseus into the wrong destination at an island, and as he got to this island his
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The women Odysseus had come across during his journey home were Kirke, the witch and the Sirens, who are like mermaids. Odysseus had come upon Circe’s Island, and had met a witch named Kirke while he was there. When both of them met “the lady Kirke mixed me [Odysseus] a golden cup of honeyed wine, adding in mischief her unholy drug. I drank, and the drink failed” (Homer 10.355-360). As Odysseus had met her, she tried to poison him after poisoning all of his crew men and turned them all into pigs. This occurring sets Odysseus’ traveling back; however this was because Odysseus had interacted with this witch on the island and eventually fell in love and that’s why his journey was delayed. This witch that he had encountered is a manipulating women who brings out the worst in men, but also uses them and makes them do what she wants which is what happened when Odysseus and his crew man stayed with her for a whole year. Along with that Odysseus had been involved with the Sirens. While he and his man were there he thought he was all high and mighty and could prove to his men and everyone that he was the most powerful and can handle anything. The Sirens said to Odysseus to “plug your oarsmen’s ears with beeswax kneaded soft; none of the rest should hear that song. Bit if you wish to listen, let the men tie you in the lugger, hand and foot” (Homer 12.57-63). What did Odysseus …show more content…
Meaning as soon as Odysseus is close to home he does something to ruin the chances for himself. At this moment this event occurred was when Odysseus and his men were at sea and there in sight was Ithaka. Home at last, but that wasn’t true. Before they had sent sail Odysseus had met with Aeolus at an island, and he had given Odysseus a bag that was tied up with the winds to guide him home. As they left, and were on sea it Odysseus had fell asleep on the ship, but “the crew began to parley; silver and gold, they guesses were in that bag…He brought along so many presents, plunder out of Troy, that’s it...and they untied the bag. Then every wind roared into hurricane; the ships went pitching west with many cried; our land was lost” (Homer 10.39-55). This was the moment the crew men had opened the bag and had realized it was a bag of wind not riches. This was not the crew men's fault; however it was Odysseus’ because he had fallen asleep. He could have told the crew men what was in the bag if they wanted to know, and he should have done it because they were just so close to Ithaka and they all could have been home it he hadn’t fallen asleep to give them a chance to even open the bag at that point. According to an article written by Stewart it was known that this moment was “the first time, Odysseus falls asleep just in sight of Ithaca” and it couldn’t have been the most

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