How Does Ajax Show Courage

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Ajax shows the difference between prudence and courage since he believes he was making the right decision by thinking it was okay to slaughter the leaders of the Greek army. Ajax believed that the gods were not honoring him for what he deserved. Ajax has a different view of courage; his actions and need for honor lead him to want to murder the leaders of the Greek army. As a result, Ajax’s version of courage upsets the gods. He believes that the right thing to do is to revenge the Greek army. Prudence allows him to come to his sense and feel shame for hurting the innocent. He realizes that he needs to purify himself to clean his sins
Odysseus receives Achilles armor which makes Ajax enraged since he feels he is the most valued soldier in battle.
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As a courageous soldier, he believes he does not need help or advice from the gods. Athena offers him advice during battle but Ajax decides to reject her help. He could defend his lands from the enemies without the help of the gods (16). A courageous soldier would live for the help of the gods and accept his flaws unlike ajax who fails to do so He believes that his courage and honor needs to be recognized by the gods, but he fails to please the gods. His soldier claimed that his brave deeds on the battlefield were wasted because of the condition he is in (14). Ajax soldiers view him as a strong and courageous soldier but realize that his actions and relationship with the gods ruin him. It takes courage to get what you want but ajax actions do not lead him to make the right decision. When ajax shared the speech with his soldiers he seems to understand the importance of honoring the gods and makes his soldiers believe that he is a changed man. But, after the speech he makes the foolish choice of kills himself not making a courageous choice. Ajax lives for honor he shows a different concept of courage that leads him to want to receive honor in a way the gods disapprove. Courage makes us worthy of respect unlike ajax who broke all respects with the Greek gods and is

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