Odyssey Book Vs Movie Analysis

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Being a heroic person is not just about being brave, it's also about being a great leader who is willing to do anything for others. In both the book and the movie “The Odyssey”, the main character; Odysseus Shows true leadership and determination. He shows this numerous times throughout the text and movie. The epic “The Illustrated Odyssey” by Joel Skidmore and the “Odyssey 1997” directed by Andrey Konchalovskiy both focus on, Odysseus 20 year long journey to battle in the Trojan War and return home to his family in Ithaca. While traveling back home, Odysseus faces many obstacles along the way. After reading about his challenging journey and watching “ The Odyssey” movie version, I noticed the similarities and the minor differences between …show more content…
Both the movie and the book had many strengths and weaknesses. One of the strengths that the movie had was portraying the role of the book. The director made the personality traits of the characters, and most of the scenes the same as the book. This made the movie more appealing. However, one of the movies weakness in my opinion, was not showing the physical features of Poseidon. In the text it made it seem like Poseidon was physically there. “ Taking his trident in both hands, Poseidon stirs the sea into a fury and lashes up rain and squall( Skidmore, 11).” I would've liked if they had Poseidon being a physical person instead of a face in the ocean. The text also had strengths and weakness too. One of the greatest strength of the text was having rich details to understand the personalities of the characters. Also, the bond that Penelope had with Odysseus. One weakest that the text had was it felt rushed towards the end. In the movie, the ending happened gradually but in the text, I felt that the ending was rushed. The book could have flown better at the end. Despite of the book and movie weakness, they were both still good. Although, if it came down to picking the movie or the book that I liked the most I would've picked the movie. I'll rather visually watch it then read the book. Watching the movie is more entertaining and quicker to do. You can see the special effects that are happening, but in the text, you have to imagine

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