Odysseus Motivational Speech

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A brave man by the name of Aron Ralston had went on a beautiful trip to Blue John Canyon to hike and climb thousand foot rocks. While on this very risky journey, he had fallen into a narrow ravine and a boulder had rolled and dropped onto his right hand crushing bones and all. Aron spent 127 hours trapped by this boulder trying to find a way to remove the boulder from his useless crushed hand. Unfortunately no strategy of his could loosen the boulder from its devastating spot to get free so Aron prepared his arm for an amputation at a point on the mid-forearm in order to escape and have a chance to survive. Once he was free, he got rescued and was stronger mentally and physically when he was done healing and then gave motivational speeches …show more content…
To start off, Odysseus had sailed off to Troy to fight in the famous Trojan war. “The Odyssey” by Homer is an epic poem that explained the obstacles Odysseus faced and after 10 years of catapulting over the walls, he makes a plan to hide in a big wooden horse that’s supposed to be a peace treaty to end the war but at night, Odysseus and his men slaughter every living thing in the city of Troy. Women, men, children, and even babies, all killed by the Greeks. The gods of Olympus noticed Odysseus’ cruel acts and cursed him to another 10 years at sea sailing everywhere except for his destination which was his home, Ithaca. In this challenging journey, Odysseus starts off as a bragger that has no self control that led to unnecessary consequences. The obstacles that are thrown at him for a test change how he thinks and the way he talks to his men. Eventually he becomes a real leader and commands his men like a king is supposed to instead of having no say and letting his men do what they wish. After the Lotus Eaters, he had encountered Polyphemus, a cyclops that was the son of Poseidon, god of the seas. A big mistake of Odysseus was made right after he escaped from Polyphemus’ cave because he was sailing on his dads terrain who happened to be the god of the seas. The big mistake

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