Odysseus As A Tragic Hero In Homer's The Odyssey

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Odysseus has been through the good and the bad throughout his journey. This has been a long event that will forever be life changing. The Odyssey, which was written by Homer, is an epic story made up of poems. The story is based around Odysseus, who after the Trojan War leaves his wife and sun and goes on a ten year journey. He runs into and deals with many gods and goddesses on the way. He eventually returns to Ithaca ten years later and wins his wife and Ithaca back. Odysseus was not a strong leader and led his own men to destruction. This was because he had made some bad decisions that had saved his life, but put his crews lives in danger.

Odysseus showed that he was not a strong leader, like he should have been during his stop with the Sirens. Odysseus had said, "Better to mourn six men than lose them all." This showed that he was more worried about himself than his crew. The six men that he had put before himself to be killed, have helped him through so much. They did not show just that he was npt a strong leader, but it also showed that he can be very
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This stop had taught him a big lesson on never keeping your men on an island that you have never be on before, alone. In a way, this could be the crews fault for not listening to him when he said not to kill the Gods cattle, but it was mainly Odysseus fault. The gods of Olympus had put Odysseus to sleep, which meant he was not with the crew making sure they were not going to do anything. If his crew trusted him and listened to him, they would not have betrayed him and got punished by Zeus. Odysseus was the one who put his men in danger by leaving them alone, so this shows how he lead his own men to destruction. If Odysseus did not want to bypass the island, then none of this would have happened, because they would have never stopped. His bad leader side showed on this island and once again his men got put in

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