Essay on Odysseus And Achilles Is A Hero

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Odysseus seems to be very sure of himself and well respected by other gods and even man. There were some areas in his life that made things complicated for him, for being considered a hero like he was. When comparing Odysseus and Achilles was more tragic than Odysseus. He also had his flaws that he seemed deficient with some characteristic flaws like Odysseus did. Achilles seemed to be more simple in his life and in his behavior. Like Odysseus, he was also a hero and a god who was courageous. He had made himself known as a great warrior. Where Achilles is a simpler, hero, Odysseys is a more complicated hero. Odysseus lives by guiles and courage with a devotion to get back home to his people and his wife. He is also very intellectual in how he goes into battles. He has a desire to want to get home. Achilles chooses to live an honest life of devotion for another cause and that is to achieve immortality. Odysseus could be self-disciplined however, he seems to have problems stealing if he has to, which I found interesting given what I had first thought of him. Perhaps this was one of his flaws. Odysseus was also full of the questions and curiosity inside of him. This may have led to some of his troubles along his journey and the battles he had to face. Some of the Other heroes, we have read do not seem to be this way.
With comparing Heracles, to odysseys, Hercules, is willing to pay any price he can to gain knowledge. For example, in regards to the Sirens’ call upon hearing…

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