Essay on Odysseus’ Degree of Heroism

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Odysseus’ degree of heroism or godlike qualities
Odysseus becomes a hero because he slays the gruesome Cyclops. He blinded and stabbed the one eye beast, when everyone else with in his ship were getting eaten. Odysseus crew had the Cyclops, by the skin of their teeth, but then the Odysseus showed heroism by standing up and talking to the Cyclops,” So, Cyclops, it turns out that it wasn’t a coward whose men you murdered and ate in your cave, you savage! But you got yours in the end, didn’t you? You had the gall to eat the guests in your own house, and Zeus made you pay for it.” (9. 475-479) Odysseus becomes known as one of the most gruesome warriors and leaders of Ithaca for slaying the beast. Odysseus slays the Cyclops and his men
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Telemachus passes down the throne to his father. Odysseus at this time was disguised as an old man so the suitors didn’t know who he was. Penelope told the suitors who ever could string the Bowe and shoot through all twelve the axes would be the king of Ithaca. Odysseus disguised as an old man, had godly strength and strung the Bowe with ease then shot through all twelve axes first try.
“Well, Telemachus, the guest in your hall/ Has not disgraced you. I did not miss my target, / Nor did I take all day in stringing the bow. / I still have my strength, and I’m not as the suitors/ Make me out to be in their taunts and jeers. / But now it is time to cook these men’s supper,/ While it is still light outside, and after that,/ We’ll need some entertainment-music and song-/The finishing touches for a perfect banquet.”(21.451-458)
Odysseus even after he comes back to Ithaca he still has the drive to come back to his family and take back over the Kingly duties. In the end Odysseus isn’t always perfect, he infact cheated on his wife Penelope with Calypso. All heroes have there down falls, and Odysseus sure didn’t show heroism when sleeping with Calypso. Odysseus had an affair although he was emotionally attached to Penelope, he wasn’t able to resist the physical temptation. “These were welcome words, Odysseus, / Who had suffered much, fell asleep on the bed/ Under the echoing portico. But Alcinous lay down/ In the innermost chamber of that

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