Octavian, The Ruler Of Rome And Its Provinces Essay

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In 27 B.C.E., Octavian became the sole ruler of Rome and its provinces. He not only transformed the entire Roman state, but established peace and prosperity as well. Octavian’s rule is considered to be controversial due to his unconventional and delusory method of leading the Roman people; however, I believe that the restoration of the republic wouldn 't have happened had it not been for Octavian’s approach. First off, Octavian’s success wouldn’t have been so tremendous had it not been for the complete disintegration of the Roman republic prior to his rule. Before discussing Octavian’s bid for power, one must consider the status of the Roman political situation prior to Octavian. Before Octavian, the Roman people had the First Triumvirate, which included Pompey, Crassus and Caesar. This alliance gave a great deal of power to all three men including the consulship of Julius Caesar in 59 B.C.E.. However, after the Civil War between Pompey and Caesar, the First Triumvirate dissolved and in 52 B.C.E. the Senate tried to institute the new order that Caesar would surrender his command, giving Pompey rule as sole consul, thus changing the old institution of having two consuls sharing power of the state. Caesar fought back against Pompey and after a vicious struggle to regain power, Caesar finally succeeded after he defeated Pompey and the Senate at battle of Pharsalus in central Greece in 48 B.C.E.. By 45 B.C.E., after fighting to regain power and profitably creating an alliance…

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