Octavia Spencer's Role In The Help

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Braun, L. (2017, April, 10). ‘Gifted’ star Octavia Spencer living a charmed life. Toronto Sun, p. B1.

Braun’s review discusses Octavia Spencer's role in the movie Gifted. Octavia played the role of the neighbor to Mary, a young math genius that had just lost her mother to suicide. Octavia was Mary’s best friend and was her motherly figure. Everything seemed to finally be perfect, that was until the grandmother came into the picture and tried to take the girl because she wanted to put her into a strictly gifted school. Whereas Octavia and Mary's legal guardian believed she should remain in public school and be as normal as possible. This is what Mary’s mother would have wanted. The article goes on to discuss the interview that Braun had with
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Minny was created with Octavia in mind, her attitude and strong will are just a few of the similarities that they share. The paper goes on to discuss how Octavia’s past helped her prepare for her “big debut”. Octavia first appeared in the film, A Time to Kill in the late 1990's. Since then, she has starred in many television shows and movies. When she has a few moments to spare she enjoys reading mystery books. This review not only promotes the movie, The Help, but also Octavia Spencer. Moore used specific facts from Octavia’s life to show just how far she had come as an actress. However, Moore could have given more information about how her life impacted her role in The Help, choosing to focus instead on Octavia as an actress, and her role in the film. This source will be useful in my study of Octavia Spencer as an actress because, it provides detailed information on how Octavia has become such a well-known actress, but it also explains how she got the part of Minny in the movie, The …show more content…
After the abduction and death of Mckenzie‘s daughter, he loses faith in who his deceased daughter called “Papa”. One day Mckenzie went outside after a snowstorm and saw a letter in the mail that was addressed to “Papa”. He opens the letter and reads “meet me at the shack in two weeks”. He is then faced with a decision, does he go back to the place where his daughter died and potentially meet his daughter's killer or trust that God wrote the letter. Once Mackenzie decides to go to the shack he is greeted by Octavia Spencer who is “Papa”. They discuss faith, and “Papa” answers many questions which helped change Mack’s perspective on tragedy and life. In this movie, Hazeldine did a great job at portraying God as a kind and understanding person. The film was also very easy to follow. However, I wish that Mackenzie’s daughter would have been introduced earlier so that the viewer could have had a deeper understanding as to what Mackenzie was going through. Instead, the director focused on the connection between Mackenzie and “Papa”. This film will be useful when discussing Octavia Spencer’s role as an actress, but it also provides a visual representation of how much passion she puts into each role she plays, especially in her role as God in the movie, The

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