Our Life Is The Ocean Research Paper

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Nickesha Findley-Thompson
Professor: Alejandro Leopardi
Date: 10-30-17
Our Life is the Ocean’s
There is an enormous amount of people on earth and the number gets larger by the second. Let’s imagine the amount of waste that is accumulated by us on average, then think about where it ends up. In our oceans that’s where. The ocean has become a dumping zone for our personal waste. Most of us think of the ocean as an irrelevant element in our existence but our future is solely dependent on the health of our oceans more than we think. The protection of the ocean needs to be a priority for us as human beings. The improper disposal of plastic is causing surges of plastic flow into our oceans, aiding the increase carbon dioxide levels and leading
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Millions of people commute to work, school and run errands daily most of which is done by driving vehicles. The emissions from the vehicles are being released into the atmosphere which then ends up in our oceans. People should car pool instead of driving, ride bicycles or take public transportations. Craig Welch stated that with CO2 increase ocean water becomes harmful making it difficult for marine life to sustain normal growth. Marine life would be lost, impacting people around the world in different ways. Fishermen would no longer for a job, will no longer be able to provide the basic subsistence for their families. People who rely on the ocean for a source of survival will suffer. In his book “The bounty of the sea” Jacques Cousteau discusses that with the elevation of CO2 a "greenhouse effect" will generation. He explained the heat that regularly discharges from earth to space would essential be obstructed by CO2 and “sea level temperatures would dramatically increase.” If CO2 levels continues to rise sea temperature will also increase. Consequently, impacting the food we consume crops and plant species becoming less …show more content…
As a result, there will be famines, droughts and diseases. The air would become so tonic man will be fighting to breathe. Cousteau says humans will be “bewildered, starving struggling to survive from hour to hour.”
Making the clean-up and safeguarding of our environment an obligation we can reduce the way in which we are altering the environment with pollution. Practice properly disposing our plastic containers is the ultimate way to reducing trash flow to our oceans. Carbon dioxides level will remain at standard levels. By reducing the plastics and man-made waste emitting into our oceans we are can minimize this growing problem on our environment. With hopes that mankind can living out his days in peace dying not from poisonous pollution.
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