Ocean Acidification Is A Global Threat Of All Marine Ecosystems

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Ocean acidification is a global threat to all marine ecosystems. Ocean acidification is the decrease in the pH levels in the ocean caused by the uptake of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. Ocean Portal team reviewed by Jennifer Bennet (2016) reported that since the beginning of the Industrial era, the ocean has absorbed 525 billion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere currently included around 22 million tons per day. That is more than the ocean can take. Before scientists didn’t worry about this process because they assumed that the process buffering, the effect where rivers carried dissolved chemicals from the ocean to keep the ocean’s pH stable (Ocean Portal team, reviewed by Jennifer Bennet, 2016) However, scientists include that carbon dioxide is being dissolved into the ocean too quickly that natural buffering can’t keep up, which is causing the rapidly decrease pH in the surface water (Ocean Portal team, reviewed by Jennifer Bennet, 2016). Before the ocean pH level has been 8.2 but since the industrial revolution it dropped to 8.1, which means it dropped thirty percent since the industrial revolution (Ocean Portal team reviewed by Jennifer Bennet, 2016). Carbon dioxide that is being released by human activities is making the oceans, making them more acidic. The increase of ocean acidification is because of increasing of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, waste disposal, the burning of fossils fuels. The effects of the increased ocean acidification are the loss of…

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