Occupy Wall Street Essay

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Anna Colwell
Mrs. Nelson
World History (2nd Hour)
28 October, 2013
Gladiators were a big part of Roman culture. The gladiatorial games were a common sport form 310BC until the Roman Empire had fallen. For many people, these games were fun to watch and a source of entertainment. To others, such as the ones fighting, it was frightening and some knew that they would never make it out alive. All of this was first recorded in 310BC. The movie Gladiator follows some of what was true about Rome’s gladiator life, but it also has its own little touches that are not historically correct. History and the movie both claim that Commodus was Marcus Aurelius’ son. Also in the movie, it was told that Commodus had killed Marcus
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This type of game was held in the Forum, which was out in the open where the crowd was defenseless. The gladiators that fought in the ventio were called bestiarii.
It took a lot of training to get a gladiator ready for the games. They were trained at special schools. The gladiators were trained like athletes would be training today. They were well fed and had much medical attention with them all day. Such training that took place was learning how to use different weapons, such as a dagger, a war chain, or lasso. The gladiators outside of their training were forced to act as slaves to their owner, who was called a lanista. The gladiators were honored for their loyalty and discipline.
There was not just one type of gladiator, there were many. Women fought in the gladiatorial games, but were only allowed to for about seven years under the rule of Septimius Severus. He then outlawed women fighting in the games. There were also three main types of gladiators; a Thracian, Secutor, and Retiarius. A Thracian wore metal on his legs, held a shield, wore a helmet, and carried a curved sword with a bend in the blade. This type of gladiator wore the most armor of the three. A Secutor, also meaning “pursuer”, fought nearly naked. He only carried a large shield and a sword or a dagger, wearing a metal guard on his left leg, a high-visored helmet, and leather band at their elbows and wrists. Finally, a Retiarius wore only loin cloth

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