Occupational Therapy Case Study

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• Adheres to Code of Ethics mandated by AOTA, Middle Georgia State University, and the MGSU OTA Program.
• Abides by licensure requirements of the State of GA
• Follows policies and procedures of the Georgia Academy for the Blind in addition to federal and state laws regarding OT in the school system
• Follows HIPAA guidelines regarding confidentiality
• Dons PPE as necessary
• Follows Universal Precautions
• Uses CPR or other life-saving measures, if required
• Stores equipment after use and keeps work area used by students free of potential hazards
• Follows state laws regarding school safety, in addition to Bibb County school system policies
• Reports any policy or law violations to FW supervisor and/or FW coordinator
• Uses only those techniques
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a student with a 504 plan)
• Explains the difference between an OTR and OTA/S
• Researches AJOT and other evidence-based journal articles for best treatment practices, information on conditions, and current topics in OT treatments
• At the direction of the OTR, accurately assess ROM, FMT, or other means of assessment in relation to the student’s desired goals or those goals identified by the OTR or noted in the IEP
• Asks questions appropriate to the student’s, parents’/caregiver’s, teacher’s desired outcomes or expected outcomes relevant to OT treatment
• Accurately measures/assesses student’s strengths/weaknesses relevant to occupations in the school setting
• Follows proper procedures when using assessment tools
• Reviews student IEPs/504 Plan to provide treatment relevant to established goals
• Understands/interprets student’s level of function based upon evaluation/assessment results
• Collaborates with OTR to develop the best plan of treatment based upon assessment
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• Takes direction from OTR in providing client-centered and goal-focused treatment sessions
• Identifies short-term objectives that will help the student meet long-term goals
• Uses treatment approaches that are appropriate to the student’s goals
• Seeks instruction regarding treatment from OTR
• Collaborates with OTR regarding evaluation results
• Develops treatment schedule based upon IDEA/Medicare/school system reimbursement guidelines
• Implements a treatment plan that interests and motivates the student to meet goals
• Selects treatment methods specific to student’s disability or need as addressed by the IEP/504 Plan
• Incorporates student’s need for accommodations in treatment
• Ensures that occupations noted in LTGs are addressed by treatment plans
• Provides instruction and education regarding treatment methods, classroom activities and home-care plans to the student, families/caregivers, and teachers
• Ensures that student receives OT treatment as scheduled
• Provides treatment in the least restrictive environment
• Uses “Just Right Challenge” guidelines when developing and adjusting treatment plan as student progresses in treatment
• Understands that treatment is fluid but not always

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