Occupational Therapy And Physical Therapy Essay example

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The articles I collected focused on when it’s best for patients to receive occupational or physical therapy and the personality traits of occupational and physical therapists. These articles were published in scientific journals concerned with articles similar in subject. The journals and articles within the journals are written in expectation that other occupational therapists (OTs), physical therapists (PTs), occupational and physical therapy students, and other health care professionals will read them. Since authors of these articles have written them under the assumption that professionals in fields related to the occupational and physical therapy professions will read their articles, the authors conduct studies to determine if there is a significant difference in how early a patient receives occupational or physical therapy in different situations. Multiple authors wrote the articles that I collected and this also allows for multiple ideas for conducting the study and multiple perspectives on the results. Based on the content of the articles, I would say that these articles are read in either the professional setting, by those already a practicing occupational or physical therapy or related health profession, or in the classroom setting, by those pursuing a degree in occupational or physical therapy or related health profession or by those interested in pursuing a degree in one of fields previously mentioned.
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