Occupational Therapy : A Career Essay

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Occupational therapy a career that is chosen when you want to assist those that have the desire to better themselves; you assist them in assisting themselves. Occupational therapist should inquire the patient by asking “What matters to you?” not, “What’s the matter with you?” (American Occupational Therapy Association, About Occupational Therapy). There are many goals of occupational therapy, but the over-arching task is preparing and executing therapeutic interventions so that patients can perform activities of daily living, or ADLs, more efficiently and independently. Since everyone, no matter the age, disability status and other identifiers should be able to live their lives to its peak performance, occupational therapist implement these interventions with children, the elderly, stroke patients, orthopedic patients, mental rehabilitation patients and more. All of these reasons lead me to wanting to become an occupational therapist.
Whenever the question “what do you want your job to be after all your schooling?” comes up, I quickly respond that I want to pursue a career in occupational therapy. With that answer, usually the response is either “That is a good field.” or “What is occupational therapy?” The answer is always a general summary of the aforementioned description of the occupation, but not once has someone asked why I selected occupational therapy as a career. When first seeking my bachelor’s degree at Mary Baldwin College (now Mary Baldwin University), I…

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