Essay on Occupational Therapists : The Ill And Disabled

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Occupational therapists treat the ill and disabled through therapeutic use of everyday activities. They work to develop, improve, and recover skills necessary for the patient’s daily living. Important qualities for an occupational therapist include compassion, communication skills, writing skills, creativity, flexibility, and patience. A therapist must be able to communication through both speech and writing in order to properly execute treatment, as well as explain the treatment to the patient and their loved ones. Flexibility, creativity, and patience are also a must because occupational therapists can work in many different settings. An occupational therapist needs to be able to use what is available to them in order to provide the best possible treatment. Our interviewee, Marissa Knight, mentioned that creativity especially comes into play when working for a non-profit company with limited resources. Above all, they need to have compassion for the struggles that their patients face. In order to become an occupational therapist, one has to complete both an undergraduate degree as well as a graduate level degree in occupational therapy. There are many undergraduate routes available, including exercise science, recreational therapy, and allied health sciences. One can also obtain a doctorate in occupational therapy, but it is not required. During the graduate program, the student will complete level I and level II fieldwork in order to gain experience in their desired…

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