Essay on Occupational Therapists And Occupational Therapy

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The field of occupational therapy is currently lacking skilled therapists to fill potential positions. There are not enough therapists to serve the public, yet the demand for occupational therapy services is on the rise. Occupational therapist Sharon Gutman shares a few of the causes she has experienced throughout her career: “As treatment of people with mental illness transitioned from large inpatient institutions to the community, occupational therapy positions, like many other healthcare positions, were lost” (Gutman 235). This explains why some jobs were lost. Patients are being transferred because of several reasons such as insurance coverage, government policies, or family demand. This causes more occupational therapy positions to be available in bigger cities; however, there are not enough therapists to fill those needs because some occupational therapists moved to other venues.
Many occupational therapists who lost employment in mental health practice transitioned to school based practice. In the next four decades, the number of occupational therapists working in mental health practice steadily and significantly declined. (Gutman 236)
Because occupational therapists frequently relocate to new places, the main field loses jobs that it desperately needs. Occupational therapists believe that moving to a school system is a positive choice and will be beneficial to children, but it really hurts the OT programs in major hospitals “because the profession [then lacks]…

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