Occupational Therapists : An Occupational Therapist Essay

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Occupational Therapist work on patients who have been through illnesses or are disabled and they help improve the skills patients use in their daily life. They observe, evaluate, demonstrate exercises, develop treatments, evaluate patient 's homes, educate family members of what they have to do, reccomend special kinds of equipment, and record the patient 's progress. Many occupational therapist use special equipment to help with some of the activities they do with the patients especially autistic children. This career is very helpful and useful to many people who have problems doing activities they do in their everyday life. Occupational therapist have a copious amount of requirements or qualifications, they have a very gratifying salary and conditions, how their typical day goes by, and they will have future needs, why I am interested in this field, and my interview with an occupational therapist.
Career requirements and qualifications A occupational therapist must have a masters degree and have to take and pass the national certification examination in order for them to be an occupational therapist. “Admission to graduate programs in occupational therapy generally requires a bachelor’s degree and specific coursework, including biology and physiology” ("Summary"). A student in college is mandatory to have a master 's and bachelor 's degree for occupational therapy, this could take about 5 years if they take extra programs that require them to be a occupational…

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