Occupational Segregation Essay

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Occupational Segregation Since the beginning of time, from all accounts, there has been some form of inequality between genders in society. This has become especially true in the workplace and for some people occupational segregation may be to blame. Occupational segregation is the grouping of similar jobs at similar workplaces. Not to be confused with job segregation which looks at specific jobs within specific workplaces, occupational segregation focuses on the occupation as a whole. An example of an occupation would be middle school teacher. An example of a job would be 7th grade math teacher at Champion Middle School. We use occupation segregation in research because it is more broad and easier to get details. There are over 500 …show more content…
Comparable worth is a collectively-oriented policy designed to address the negative effects of occupation segregation. The theory attempts to allocate value to jobs based on objective criteria rather than custom or labor market forces. This would increase wages for women in female-dominated jobs with no real corresponding loss to male wages. In some cases, men may receive a pay increase as well. The idea is ratings scheme to determine the worth of each job. Jobs will be broken down into their components and assigned a weight based on skill factors in the job. At this point an index is created and the jobs are arranged by total scores and assigned pay ranges accordingly. This type of scale could be very useful in eliminating occupational segregation by making a system that is objective as opposed to subjective in nature. This would help bring equality to the workplace between both genders and races but unfortunately, it won’t be enough. Gender inequality has been around since the beginning of known history and it’s for a reason. If we were all robots then inequalities could not exist, fortunately we have brains that allow us to reason and discriminate, in good and bad ways. It is that very discrimination that will not allow for a perfect system with no gender inequality. As people we discriminate every day and sometimes don’t even know we are doing it. Subtle discrimination is called homosocial reproduction and it’s

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