Occupational Safety And Health Administration Essay

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Occupational Safety and Health Administration
In April 1970, Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act was adopted in response to the lost productivity and wages, medical expenses, and disability compensation to assure safety and preserve human resources. OSHA was created under the ACT as part of the United States Department of Labor. OSHA provides many activities to reinforce its goals and purposes and requires certain standards to be followed. In addition, it has some limitations of its coverage, inspection priorities and guidelines.
One of the most important goals of the OSHA is to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for every worker as well as to enforce the safety and health standards. It also divides responsibilities and rights for employees to assure productive working environment, maintains a report on injuries and illnesses, provides training qualification programs, conducts research in topics related to occupational safety and health, and provides for the development, analysis, and evaluation of state occupational safety and health programs. Thus, OSHA has a broad spectrum of practices. However, OSHA does not cover self-employed persons, farms worked by family members, and working environments controlled by other federal agencies.
OSHA has specific guidelines for workplace hazards that it requires for the employers to follow. It ensures the protection of workers on the job by adopting certain practices and maintaining conditions necessary for that. In…

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