Occupational Nurses And Occupational Health Essay examples

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I really glad I went to this rotation. I really didn’t have a great idea of what occupational nurses do until doing this rotation. My golden nugget for today was that every position that a nurse can have is important, and it’s good to learn what each position entails.
1. Define occupational health nursing.
Occupational Health Nurses (OHN) are registered nurses who independently observe and assess workers ' health status with respect to job tasks and hazards. Using their specialized experience and education, they recognize and prevent health effects from hazardous exposures and treat workers ' injuries and illnesses.

2. Describe the role of the occupational health nurse.
The Occupational nurse has many job. They have the job of just taking care of the worker if they’re not feeling good. Such as getting them headache medicine or something for their stomach. They have the job of reacting to emergency medical situations, especially since they are the only licensed person on the scene. They also do investigations to determine why people are getting hurt or why they are getting sick.
3. Outline skills and competencies essential to the role of the occupational health nurse.
They have to have the general nursing skills and be able to to apply them in a serious situation if needed. She told me about a story of how a man had a heart attack in his car last year. They got him out of the car and she had to do CPR. Once the ambulance came, he started having a pulse…

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