Occupational Intervention Essay

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The overarching goal of the intervention based on the OA framework is to increase Julia’s range of occupational responses in the areas of education, play, leisure, and social interactions by providing her opportunities for experiencing relative mastery in occupations of play, leisure, and social participation. As a result of the intervention, Julia will show an increase in self-initiation in occupations of play, leisure, and social interactions with peers and a decline in stereotyped and maladaptive behaviors.
For facilitating occupational adaptation, the intervention will focus on creating a supportive classroom environment in Julia’s immediate and proximal school contexts. The emphasis will be on creating opportunities for self-initiated play, social interactions with peers, and physical activities throughout the school year. In addition, the environment will
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The current lunch routine will be modified to create opportunities for social interactions and increase the repertoire of occupational responses in the area of social participation. Instead of each child getting their lunch box from the locker, each child will take a turn to distribute lunch boxes, drinks, and utensils to other students. In addition to creating opportunities for interacting with peers, this routine will also establish a sense of community and togetherness in the classroom.
Furthermore, during the last half of the recess time, children will participate in leisure activities. The students will be given opportunities to participate in activities that facilitate social interactions. At this time, the therapist will act as a facilitator to familiarize Julia to a variety of activities and build a range of occupational responses. However, as the routine is established, Julia will be encouraged to choose an activity from the list of leisure

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