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1. The nurse is caring for a pregnant woman who admits to cocaine and ecstasy use on a regular basis. The client states, “Everybody knows that alcohol is bad during pregnancy, but what’s the big deal about ecstasy?” the best response by the nurse is “Ecstasy:
A. Can Cause Fever in you and therefore cause the baby harm.
B. Leads to deficiencies of thiamine and folic acid, which help baby develop. (Alcohol)
C. Produces babies with small heads and short bodies with brain function alterations (Cocaine)
D. Produces intrauterine growth restriction and meconium aspiration. (heroine)

2. The nurse is doing preconception counseling with a 28-year old woman with no prior pregnancies. Which of the following statements made by the client indicates to
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(high in calcium)
B. Roast beef, steamed spinach, tomato soup, orange juice
C. Pork chop, mashed potatoes and gravy, cauliflower, tea. (moderate amt of protein, but no Vit C)
D. Broiled fish, lettuce salad, grapefruit half, carrot sticks.(high in fiber, low in fat, and moderately high in protein but low in iron)

10. The client with b-thalassemia intermedia has a hemoglobin level of 9.0. the nurse is preparing an education session for the client. Which statement should the nurse include?

A. You need to increase your intake of meat and other iron rich foods.
B. Your low hemoglobin could put you into preterm labor.
C. Increasing your Vitamin C intake will help your hemoglobin level
D. You should not take iron or folic acid supplements. (b-thalassemia is due to an abnormal red blood cell structure, which leads to mircocytic anemia with normal ferritin and iron levels).

11. The client at 20 weeks’ gestation has had an ultrasound that revealed that her fetus has a neural tube defect. The client’s hemoglobin level is 8.5. the nurse should include which statement when discussing these findings with the client?

A. Your low iron intake has caused anemia, which leads to the neural tube defect.
B. You should increase your vitamin C intake to improve your anemia
C. You are too picky about food. Your poor diet caused your baby’s defect.
D. You haven’t had enough folic acid in your diet. You should take a supplement.

12. Client at 9 weeks’

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