Obstetrician Gynecologist: A Career As A Career

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Career: An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life with opportunities for progression. A career and a job have two separate meanings; a job is a temporary occupation that you attend in order to make a living. When I envision a job in comparison to a career, I think of a job as being a stepping stone to gaining a career and the career as being the holy grail of accomplishment. For myself personally I have known what career I want to have since I was 8 years old. I remember watch some medical reality show and a mother getting ready to have a baby, and the baby going through distress as the labor process went on. I remember thinking “wow I want to do that”, and by that I mean be the doctor that made bringing that baby …show more content…
A working OB/GYN’s highest priority regarding physical fitness should be in having a seemly unlimited supply of stamina. For working long hours, being on your feet constantly, while preforming necessary surgeries and when dealing with long deliveries. Like many physicians OB/GYN’s need to be physically fit enough to grasp and manipulate tools, adjust controls precisely and quickly. The doctors, physical fitness matters as much to the patients as their own. Obstetrician Gynecologist physicians need to meet special mental health too. OB/GYN’s should be able to show empathy and compassion, along with being able to communicate wisely. Most practicing OB/GYNs working conditions are supreme. They either work in the hospital setting which is very clean and spacious or a private practice. Like the hospital, private practices are usually clean and maybe a little more compact due to the smaller building, but still roomy because it’s not constantly filled with waiting patients. On the other hand, of practicing OB/GYNs there are a number of doctors that work in the rural areas providing help where there is an alarming need. Alongside there working conditions is the work they do in said conditions. Obstetrician gynecologist regular schedule patients, attend to unexpected deliveries, stay on call for emergency care for women, schedule checkup for Gynecology exams, file …show more content…
First, they need to complete a 4-year, bachelor 's degree. Next completing four years of medical school is required. Then 3-8 years of internships and residencies. Lastly is passing a state licensing exam to practice medicine. To exceed what is normally required to become a doctor of any specialty, aspiring OB/GYN’s must complete an additional 2-4 years of study in the field of surgery in which they will embark upon in their career.
The expected outlook in the Obstetrician Gynecology field of study is excellent. It is expected to raise 18% from 2012-2022. With job opportunities being more plentiful in rural and low-income areas, since physicians may not be as attracted to those areas. The prospect of this field growing is very logical because of the salary OB/GYNs stand to receive upon certification. Even in small states such as Oklahoma being an OB/GYN you stand to make a substantial amount, as of 2016 practicing OB/GYN’s make $250,000 in the state of

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